Affordable dupes for Highend products

Affordable dupes for High-end products

It is okay to treat yourself with high-end luxury products every now and then, with that being said.I do believe that you can find dupes for everything these days. It is nice to try out new products without breaking your bank and over-splurging on super expensive products. I love me some good affordable dupes and I do enjoy using them. In this blog I’m going to share 5 of my top favorite dupes. I hope you find this post helpful.

1-  Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua – Bourjois Healthy Mix:





Number 1 on my list has to be chanel vitalumiere aqua’s dupe, Bourjois healthy mix foundation. I find them both to be so similar. They both give the most amazing healthy, glowing and youthful look. The only difference I can think of is Bourjois healthy mix has a fruity scent to it, which does not bother me. It might bother to anyone who doesn’t like fruity scents. I don’t mind that. The last power, the finish, the consistency, I find all these things to be very similar. And I love both of these foundations a lot. However the price of Bourjois one is more bank friendly. I’d always suggest to splurge on foundation, because that is the main base of your makeup and it is applied directly to your skin. You don’t want a cheap foundation to ruin your skin and cause break outs. Bourjois make amazing foundations. They claim their foundations to have serum like benefits. TBH I haven’t noticed any change in my skin by using that, but that’s just me. It is moisturizing when you apply it, doesn’t leave your skin flaky or rough. Which is good. Other than that any SERUM advantages, I’m not sure.I have already mentioned these foundations on my blog before. So that explain I really like them.


2- Nars Orgasm – Nyx Pinched





Nars Orgasm is one of the most hyped products. Like urban decay naked palettes, everyone has loved nars orgasm blush a lot. It suits most of the skin tones, if not all. That was the main reason why everybody started to rave about it. However It is pretty expensive. The best dupe for it is Nyx Blush in Pinched. I love Nyx blushes a lot. Nyx make some seriously amazing makeup products. That are just as long lasting as Nars. If you apply Nars orgasm on one cheek and Nyx pinched on the other. You wouldn’t be able to notice the difference, they are THAT similar. Love Nyx Pinched <3


3- Tom Ford Black Orchid – Revlon Black cherry:





Revlon “black cherry” is a straight dupe of Tom Ford “Black orchid” and Chanel “Rouge noir” lipstick. That would sound funny if I say I prefer Revlon Black cherry over TF and Chanel. I prefer the texture of Revlon Black cherry.These days dark lippes are all the hype. Everybody is enjoying dark vampy lip shades. However when the trend began, like every trend, it was expensive and those kind of shades were hard to find in affordable brands. But now a days drugstore/superdrug is upping their game and vampy/dark shades are easier to find. If you want that dark vampy look on a budget go for Revlon Black cherry lipstick.


4- YSL touche eclat – L’Oreal Magique Lumi:



3365440007017_Luminous Radiance_TOUCHE ECLAT  Radiant Touch5_1


YSL touche eclat is one of those products, which if you know the right way to use it, makes all the difference, and if not, you just don’t find it worth the hype. It is super blendable and it corrects and highlights flawlessly. And obviously it is YSL, high-end expensive product. If you really want that chiseled cheekbone and sculpted effect, that all the celebrities have. This products gets the highlight job well done. All the celebrity makeup artists, seem to love this product. L’Oreal Magique lumi concealer and corrector is the best dupe for it. Anybody having trouble concealing their dark circles or even after doing your makeup your under eye area looks dull. Get L’Oreal Magique Lumi Concealer and Corrector Pen. It says you can use it on it’s own. But If you really want full coverage, bright, highlighted under eye and cheekbone effect, use it over your usual concealer. Makes world of a difference.


5-MAC “Snob” -  Revlon “Pink Pout”





I love MAC and Revlon lipsticks a lot. Snob is one of the most famous and well loved lipsticks from MAC. Revlon’s Pink Pout is an absolute dupe for that one. Revlon Pink Pout is a great alternative. I love wearing Pink on my lips most days. It is so mess free and also low maintenance shade. That’s what I love about shades like that. If you haven’t tried out mac snob yet, go for revlon pink pout. There is not much of a difference. I like Mac Satin Texture better. But it isn’t that big of a deal. The shades are super similar.

Here are 5 of my top favorite dupes. I’m almost sure you will like them too. If you want to know about more dupes then let me know.


Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman.

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