A Lush Start – Lush cosmetics haul

A Lush Start – Lush cosmetics haul

I did a poll on Instagram whether you guys wanted me to share a haul of all the goodies I received from Lush cosmetics or not, and 90% of you voted YES ! So here it is, I won’t be reviewing the products in this post because I need to use them for a while before sharing my opinion, but feel free to let me know what products you want me to review first.

I’ve been blogging for quite a while now, but for me it was just a hobby, I never really tried to socialize, go to events, interconnect with other bloggers, or collaborate. If I ever received an email regarding a collaboration I totally ignored it. Which is obviously not how it works. A big part of social media growth has to do with your social skills, and I take my sweeeeeet sweeeet sweeeeeeet time before I open up and get friendly with someone, and it obviously doesn’t work in my advantage. 

Anyhow! The point is, for me it’s a big achievement, it might not be a big deal to anyone else, but I’m honestly proud of myself, and those with social anxiety will know exactly what I mean. A big thanks to Riley for hooking your girl up, and Antonella for being such a sweetheart. Okay! Don’t hate me for dragging the haul so long. Here’re all the goodies I got,

Lemony Flutter

Cuticle Butter

 Perfect for softening our hardest bits: knees, elbows, heels, brittle nails and cuticles finally get the attention they deserve. Lemony Flutter revives a traditional method of cream-making that even the Romans would recognize. A little goes a long way, and within just a few applications, those neglected areas will be rejuvenated and smelling delicious, just like lemon curd.

Tender Is The Night

Naked Shower Cream

Looking for that lovestruck glow? Fall head over heels for this sultry shower cream. Grab the one you love the most, bare all and dare to go naked this Valentine’s Day! Ditching the plastic has never felt so good. Allow yourself to be seduced by jasmine flower infusion and heady ylang ylang, whilst your skin is softened by sensationally rich murumuru and Fair Trade shea butters… Remember, sharing showers saves water, so you can afford to take your time and give each other a good once over while you’re in there! Naked shower gels are double the concentrate of liquid shower gels so you can lather up and go for twice as long.

Breath Of Fresh Air

Toner Water

This is the most refreshing of all our toner waters, with mineral-rich carrageenan seaweed extract and rose absolute to tone and balance the skin. This is perfect to use as a spritz in the summer to cool down, or any time of year when you want to feel refreshed. Rose absolute will help to reduce redness whilst patchouli oil is cooling and astringent on the skin.


Body Scrub

Romeo and Juliet, they never felt this way I bet, but they didn’t have this chocolate and cherry delight to keep things smoothed over. Cherish skin with a moisturising scrub of Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and fine sea salt. As you stroke this mouth-watering handful over wet skin, a second helping of ground cherry stones help to get the blood flowing. With warm and uplifting cocoa absolute and a touch of sweet almond essential oil, you’ll be asking for more, more, more!

Cream Egg 


If you’re looking for a cracking good bath, a Cream Egg is the way to go. As you crumble this mint-chocolate scented bubbleroon under running water, Fair Trade organic cocoa and Fair Trade shea butters melt, turning the water into an irresistibly softening, sweet lagoon. Spearmint tones the skin and refreshes your mood as you soak, making you feel eggsellent. If you’re feeling blue, scramble this speckled egg for bright neon water.

Superdad Bath bomb


Just to Clarify

Jelly Face Mask

Let’s get things cleared up. Enzymic papaya juice brightens. Bamboo stem exfoliates. Grapefruit and bergamot oils lift the mood. Fresh orange juice perks you up.

These are all the products I received from Lush cosmetics. To be fair, they made me try a lot of products and asked me to pick my favorites, so obviously I like all of these, but still stay tuned for in depth reviews and also I’ll share first impressions on Insta-stories, as I use these products, to keep you all updated.

I’m in the process of redesigning my blog. Hope you guys liked this post. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions.

Much Love,

Zunaira Sulman.


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