a little sparkle

A little sparkle

A little sparkle

To be quite honest I don’t wear heels anymore. However I do think it’s about time I start wearing heels again, and not always be a sporty chic mom. There’s basically two types of heels that I love, Pointed toes and Strappy heels. The other day I came across a pair in Tally Weijl I fell in love with.



little sparkle

It’s such a gorgeous all black pair with sparkly heels. It doesn’t look obnoxious or over to the top. Surprisingly it’s quite comfortable, and even though it was a compulsive buy I’m glad I finally bought a new pair of heels.

little sparkle

I think it’s a good practicing pair. I have really weird feet. Size 7 is too tight, and size 8 just slides off my feet, and 7.5 is rare to find. Because of the straps, zip in the back and elastic on the sides it hugs the foot very nicely and doesn’t feel uncomfortable or wobbly. If you’ve same problem as mine, strappy shoes are great.

I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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