Things I'm loving this summer

7 Things I’m loving this summer

7 Things I’m loving this summer

               There are still 42 days to go till summer ends officially. It has been raining on and off from past few weeks. The weather has been unpredictable, but that’s when I know, my birthday is right around the corner, when the weather starts to suck(lol). These’re 7 Things I’m loving this summer and my absolute Summer Must-haves.

Things I'm loving this summer


Flavored Water

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t drink enough water, even when I know I should. Somehow, for some reason, I always end up being parched and dehydrated, which is not good at all. Since I love flavored water so much, it actually helps me to drink more water and stay hydrated on the go.

Things I'm loving this summer



We spend most of the day outside when the weather is good. I was never good at using a sunscreen, now that I’m a mom, if we’re going out, I never forget sunscreen for my little girl, and that reminds me of using it myself. I have reviewed my favorite face sunscreen on my blog, for body I use the same baby sunblock for myself as well.

Things I'm loving this summer



Since I’m talking about absolute must-haves. Can’t skip “Deodorant”. No-one wants BO, and with so many fun physical activities and scorching heat, I wanna make sure I don’t get any body odor. I have been loving the Dove go-fresh scent(obsessed), it’s very fresh and summery. Random fact; I hoard deodorants/antiperspirants.

Things I'm loving this summer


Dry Shampoo

Lord have mercy on the person who created dry shampoo. I have “silky and pin straight hair” they literally fall straight on my face. I tie them up when they’re about 90% dry to get a little bit of wave and movement in my hair. I don’t necessarily use dry shampoo to avoid shampooing my hair, but to give them a little bit of lift and volume. I know having silky straight hair sounds like a dream, but they’re really hard to work with, especially when they’re that long and you don’t have much time to do anything with them.

Things I'm loving this summer


Shimmery body lotion

I’m one of very few brown people who actually enjoy getting tanned. I don’t necessarily sunbath to get tanned, but it just happens for me. And a light shimmery lotion, not only makes you smell amazing but also gives a very healthy glow to your tan. This lotion has very fine shimmer in it, and it smells amazing. Normally not my choice of fragrance, but this summer I have been loving, Lancome la vie est belle  fragrance.

Things I'm loving this summer


Blotting Paper

In summer for me, makeup personally takes a back seat. Most of the times I either keep it really minimal or not at all. But still to blot off the excess oil from my face a blotting paper is a must-have. I hate it when my face becomes a shine-ball. If I don’t have blotting paper on hand, I blot it off with a tissue paper, it kind of works too.

Things I'm loving this summer


Face Mist

I make my on face mists, and I have talked about them in a separate post. But just to freshen up, distilled water works great too. As I mentioned earlier we love outdoor activities in summer, it feels like heaven in scorching heat, especially if you refrigerate it before using.

Things I'm loving this summer

Things I'm loving this summer

These’re my absolute summer must-haves and products from each category that I have been loving.

I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman.


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