things I'm loving

7 Things I’m loving on this trip so far

7 Things I’m loving on this trip so far

If you follow me on my Instagram or Facebook page you’ll know I’m currently on vacation with my family. It has been a couple of days and I have found some new favorite things that are worth sharing. here’reΒ 7 Things I’m loving on this trip so far.


Attitude Organic Lotion

Little Ones

things I'm loving

things I'm lovingMy daughter doesn’t have sensitive skin to begin with, neither do I, but when we travel it tends to get pretty dry and sensitive. Her skin was acting up real bad, the generic lotions weren’t working. I found this Organic lotion at our breakfast spot, they have a lot of healthy and better options. This one seemed pretty promising and I gave it a go, firstly it smells weird, really weird, but luckily the smell doesn’t linger. The consistency of this lotion is weird too, it’s more watery, nothing like the lotions I’m used to, but IT IS GREAT ! Β It didn’t irritate her skin, and her skin felt so much better after the very first use. If your child has sensitive skin, definitely give this one a go, it’s AMAZING.


Late night Snacking

things I'm loving

I’m a late night snacker. These Chocolate covered rice crispies are SO SO SO GOOOOD ! And I don’t feel so bad snacking these late at night.


Lancome Genifique

Oh my God ! I’m so surprised. I thought Lancome Visionnaire was light-weight and quick absorbing. I love products which are super light-weight, otherwise I feel uncomfortable, and it feels like I have a film or layer of some sort on my skin, which really annoys me. Lancome Genifique is SUPER SUPER FAST ABSORBING and it feels like nothing on your skin.

things I'm loving


Major Mommy Favorite

Honestly. A SAVIOR ! These CHICO diaper sacks are ahhmazing. They’re fragranced and obviously hotel rooms do not have special diaper disposals and no one like poo-smell at all, and if you do, there’s something seriously wrong with you(lol). These have been great not just for diaper disposal purpose but also to separate her dirty clothes to clean clothes and keep it all clean, and STINK-FREE (lol).

things I'm loving


L’Occitane Handcream

things I'm loving

As expected, dry annoying hands. I don’t know what happens but anyhow. Loving this hand-cream a lot.


Top Coat Power

things I'm loving

If you follow my blog for a while you’ll know my nail polish doesn’t last for a long time. They chip right away. This top coat is “Step 2″ from those L’Oreal infallible 2 step nail varnish duos that I shared recently. It’s the clear one, and oh boy it has been 4 days and I haven’t had a single chipped nail so far. I don’t know if it’s because of this top coat, or not doing, dishes, laundry, cleaning etc etc. But the other thing I’m loving it for is, I love to wear white nail polish, but it gets disgusting and gunky pretty quick. This top coat has kept it WHITE ! which is GREAT !



Dry Shampoo

things I'm loving

So, I accidentally packed my Batiste Dry shampoo in hand-carry and sure enough had to through it. And I can’t live without a dry shampoo. This Klorane dry shampoo has been saving my life. I do prefer Batiste though, which actually costs less than Klorane.

things I'm loving

These are the things I’m loving so far.

I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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