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7 Must-haves from Essence cosmetics

7 Must-haves from Essence cosmetics

Essence cosmetics is a great brand to look in to if you’re on a budget or you just don’t like spending too much money on makeup and beauty stuff. It’s super super suuuper affordable but there’re some amazing products in the range. Here’re 7 of my absolute must-haves from Essence cosmetics.Β 

essence cosmetics


Essence Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

Oh my goodness when I bought three of the new mascaras from Essence I was unsure, but I really wanted to try them out. Essence waterproof eyeliner is an amazing eyeliner pen, It’s not completely waterproof but that’s okay with me. Ever since I have bought it that’s the only eyeliner I’m using and it’s a definite repurchase.

essence cosmetics


Nail Varnishes

There’s something seriously wrong with my nails, I sneeze and break my nail. My nails get chipped very easily and it annoys me, because I can’t stand chipped nails. I love a fresh manicure. Essence nail varnishes are super affordable and they’ve a variety of colors to choose from. Also the new thing that I have learned is, top coat does make a difference. I never really used a top coat before but recently I’ve started using it and it does make a difference.

essence cosmetics


Lip Liner

Surprise Surprise ! I know if you follow me anywhere on my social media, you are not surprised at all. These wooden lip pencils are Everything ! They’re better than the more expensive lip liners that I have tried. Essence Lip liners are super creamy and glide on very easily. Even though they discontinued my favorite shade “honey bun” ughh I still love all the lip pencils. I have shared a detailed post just dedicated to these lip liner,“The best Drugstore Lip liners”.

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They have a wide variety of generic lip colors. Well if you’re looking for a super vampy lip you’re not gonna find it in the range yet. However for pinks and nudes and red they have a wide variety of colors. They’re creamy and feel very smooth on the lips. The pigmentation is good too. For fall and winter “Cool Nude” is a great pick and if it’s spring where you live “Love me” is a beautiful spring shade.

essence cosmetics


Eyeshadow base

I love stage eyeshadow base is an absolute must have from Essence. It not only primes the lids for eyeshadows but also neutralizes it, so the eyeshadow looks more vibrant and true to color, and also even if you’re not wearing eyeshadows, you can use it just to neutralize your eyelids.

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Nail Polish Remover Sponge

I honestly don’t have the energy or patience to soak a cotton round in a nail polish remover and then rub every individual nail, I can’t ! This nail polish remover is such a time saver. You just soak your finger in the sponge and it takes off the nail paint. No mess, nothing !

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Eye pencils

Essence cosmetics eye-pencils are retractable. Which is a BIG PLUS ! and they’re good, not just for the price, they’re good eye pencils!Β 

essence cosmetics

Everything is less than a 5 chf/$. It’s worth giving a try. I hope you find this post helpful! Do you have any favorites from Essence Cosmetics?

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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