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7 Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

7 Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

I’m a big fan of coconut oil. I use coconut oil almost every single day for one or another reason to achieve one or the other beauty benefit of coconut oil. It is not only great for your health, but it also has so many of beauty benefits. It is super accessible and inexpensive. But, it works better than most super expensive, over-hyped beauty products. It is a nature’s gift to us and in this blog I will be sharing 7 beauty benefits of Coconut oil, my most used and loved beauty benefit of coconut oil and how you can use it in order to achieve the max benefits and I am almost sure by the end of this blog post you will find one beauty benefit of coconut oil that is easy for you to incorporate in your lifestyle.

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Body Moisturizer

The # 1 Beauty benefit of coconut oil is that, it is the most light-weight body moisturizer. It seeps right in to the skin and nourishes it deeply. We all know how annoying it is when we use thick body butters or body lotions and they just create this annoying oily layer on the skin, which not only stains the clothes, or you have to wait for a while, while it seeps through the skin, and also makes you feel dirty and not so clean. I am pretty sure I am not the only one who feels that way. A lot of people don’t even moisturize their bodies because of that reason. Also body moisturizing products can get pretty expensive and we run out of them fairly quick, for obvious reason, you have to put it all over you body, whereas a tub of coconut oil is inexpensive and it takes forever to go through the whole tub. The biggest beauty benefit of coconut oil in my opinion is being the best body moisturizer in the world.

After-Shave Skin soother

#2 Beauty benefit of coconut oil is replacing shaving creams and work as skin soother afterwards. I don’t shave, I am a wax girl, Shaving is just not for me. The way I achieve the Beauty benefit of coconut oil is, I use coconut oil after waxing for soothing the skin, it prevents skin fom get rashes or redness or feel uneven, but all men and woman can use it to avoid redness, rashes and razor burns after shaving, or sensitive skin after waxing. You can also use it instead of a Shaving cream if you would like.

Face cleanser

#3 Beauty benefit of coconut oil might be surprising for most of you. This beauty benefit of coconut oil is actually used many health and wellness centers for facials and face massages. Did you know you could use oil-pulling method to clean up your pores and deep clean your face, using coconut oil. Now a lot of people just leave it like that and rinse the face afterwards, I on the other hand, ahh! I can’t just leave it like that, I have to use a face wash and rinse all the oiliness after cleansing with coconut oil. It not only balances the healthy pH level of the skin, but also controls the production of oil on your face, even people with oily skin can use it, it will help create a healthy balance in your skin, and make it soft and nourished.

Helps healing cuts, burns and acne

#4 Beauty benefit of coconut oil , well, did you know back in the day when there were no fancy products, and even older people now a days, use coconut oil if they get any bruises, or cuts. While Acne is a very common issue among the young people. The healing properties of coconut oil not only heal minor bruises, cuts but also acne. It has lauric acid and caprylic acid that defies the bacteria which causes acne. It is super gentle on the skin. This beauty benefit of coconut oil is not only gentle but effective as well. We all know that salicylic and benzoyl peroxide are two main ingredients in all the acne curing products. They both are very harsh, they actually burn the pimple/your skin in order to get rid of the acne. And you can not use them while you are pregnant, so obviously they are not very good for you.

Hair Mask/conditioner

#5 Beauty Benefit of coconut oil is that it works like a dream for your hair. It makes them shiny and healthy. It nourishes the scalp, making the roots healthy, so there will be less hair fall and your hair will grow stronger. As the time is passing we are going away from the ancient ways for beautifying but a lot of them actually work great. You should ask older people you know more about that, you might find another beauty benefit of coconut oil. Anyhow, A nice hair and scalp massage will help you more than super expensive hair masks and scalp treatments would ever do.

Makeup Remover

#6 Beauty Benefit of coconut oil is that it works as an amazing, gentle and nourishing makeup remover. We all always talk about how good olive oil is, when it comes to removing makeup. But even more inexpensive but equally effective option is coconut oil. It melts off all the makeup, even the waterproof makeup. It gently melts the makeup and you can rinse it off very easily. I go through makeup remover so quickly. And I like to remove my makeup using two separate makeup removers, one for my eye area and the other for rest of my face, and I go through them so quickly, because I really like to soak my cotton round with the solution, I think I am the one who benefits the most from this beauty benefit of coconut oil.

Stretch Mark Prevention 

#7 and last beauty benefit of coconut oil is, since it moisturizer the skin so deeply and nourishes it, enhancing the elasticity of the skin it prevents the stretch marks and while nothing makes the stretch marks disappear completely, it does help to fade them away a bit and make them less noticeable, I think all young girl should start using coconut oil in order to prevent stretch marks and it does not cost an arm and a leg, like other products do. This beauty benefit of coconut oil is totally safe to use in pregnancy as well. Well all the moms out there know the experience your body goes through is amazing but traumatic to your body as well, this beauty benefit of coconut oil will make sure that you body have elasticity to stretch and the skin damage is as less as possible. Share this beauty benefit of coconut oil with all the pregger ladies out there. It will really help them out.

When it comes to natural products, we all find amazing uses out of many of them, but we totally neglect their benefits and prefer more expensive products. I share these types of blog posts to encourage people to get the best use out of what they have got or what is easily accessible to them. I have shared beauty benefits of other things as well on my blog before, and this blog post is my most favorite, you can use at least one beauty benefit of coconut oil in your everyday life. I hope you find this post helpful. Share the one beauty benefit of coconut oil that you really think you can add to your style or the one beauty benefit of coconut oil that you like the most in the comments below, I would like to know that. As I have already mentioned my favorite beauty benefit of coconut oil is being an amazing body moisturizer.

Good Luck,


Zunaira Sulman.


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