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7 Beauty benefits of Aloe vera gel

7 Beauty benefits of Aloe vera gel

I am always hesitant to put extra harsh chemicals on my face or body. And using more natural products, or all natural products lessens the risks of side-effects drastically. I love Aloe Vera gel, I have used it for so long, that now it has become part of my lifestyle. It is so amazing, and so neglected. So many people are unaware of the benefits that they can achieve from aloe vera gel. It is so inexpensive and works like a dream. Why spend so much money on super expensive products, when nature has given us all that we need. There are so many health benefits of aloe vera gel as well, but in this blog I will be sharing my favorite beauty benefits of aloe vera gel.


Hydrates the skin:

It is a FANTASTIC moisturizer. It moisturizes you skin deeply and makes it stay hydrated for longer. It doesn’t have chemicals like other moisturizers, it will not make your skin addicted to being moisturized. Have you ever noticed that your skin gets so used to of moisturizing with body butters and lotions, that it flakes off and you get dry patches if you don;t moisturize it consistently. When you use aloe vera gel, because it is all natural, it does not make your skin thirsty for it. It moisturizes it gently and keeps it hydrated for longer than the expensive moisturizers does. It doesn’t leave any residue or makes your face greasy. People with oily and sensitive skin can really benefit from it.

Soothing Mask:

Sun has started to shine bright. For some reason or the other we are going to be exposed to the sun all the time. Sun really really damages our skin. And people with super sensitive skin get sun-burnt very very easily. Aloe vera gel makes the best soothing mask. It refreshes, calm and soothes your skin. It is also great for soothing and calming irritated skin.


If you ever experience your face to be swollen, or you have some sort of allergies, like I have pollen allergy or any allergy that makes your face go puffy, especially the eye area. Try putting aloe vera on your face and relax. You are going to feel cooling sensation and it will really take away all the redness and puffiness.

Sun Burn Ointment:

My husband and daughter have suuper, suuper sensitive skin, and both of them love to stay out in the sun and play. No matter how much sunblock you use, if you have sensitive skin like that, you are going to have sunburns, so I always make sure to put aloe vera gel on them for 10 to 15 minutes before shower. I haven’t notice any sunburns ever since I started doing that. And it is all natural, and safe for children.

Fights Acne and Reduces Acne scars:

If you really want to prevent acne, try adding aloe vera gel to your skin care. It is amazing. It not only prevents the acne but also reduces the acne scars that you might already have. It helps skin to reform, and keep it glowing and radiant.

Anti-Aging properties:

It is an amazing anti-aging treatment. Obviously ! It hydrates the skin, it fights environmental damage, it prevents acne and soothes the skin,how can it not be anti-aging. Those are all the things that cause us to have premature wrinkles and fine lines. When your skin is well hydrated and protected for environmental damage, it will not lose it’s elasticity and stay young and youthful for longer. And who doesn’t wanna age gracefully.

Scalp and Hair care:

If you deal with dandruff or you know anyone who does, tell them to use aloe vera gel as a hair mask once of twice a week. It is amazing. It nourishes the scalp and makes the follicles strong. It prevents hair fall and also balances the extra oiliness of your scalp. It makes hair shinny and stimulates the blood flow in the scalp, which obviously leads to healthy hair and hair growth. It tames down the frizz and makes your hair manageable.

Aloe vera gel is one of nature’s wonder, that works like magic. These are some really simple and easy ways of using aloe vera gel.

I hope you benefit from this blog post.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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