6 ways to change up your look without spending a dime

6 ways to change up your look without spending a dime

A lot of people think that changing or refreshing your look costs a pretty penny and requires a lot of effort. Which is so NOT true. You can jazz up your look in seconds without spending a dime. In today’s post I’m sharing 6 simplest ways to spruce up your look. And trust me it’ll make you feel amazing !

Change the hair parting

I have had a side parting from Y E A R S ! Not that I don’t like side parting anymore, but from a couple of months I’m obsessed with center parting. It doesn’t take anytime or effort and it’s free. If you have middle parting try parting your hair on the side. It’s the simplest thing but it’ll make such a big difference. And in all honestly I didn’t think center parting would look good on me, but I tried it anyway and I LOVE IT !

ways to change your look

ways to change your look



ways to change your look




Play up the Brows

We all know that brows can make a huge difference. Random fact: I have never had my brows done professionally and also they were absolutely untouched about almost a year ago, only because I found them to be fine looking. But one day I just started plucking the stray hair, nothing crazy, kept the natural shape. I do not recommend doing your brows by yourself if you’re not confident about it, because it won’t end well. Pluck stray hair only and know when to stop ! I changed the way I fill my brows, instead of accentuating the arch I make it a little rounder and I love the new look. Let me know if you want a post all about my current brow routine.



Try out a new makeup look

On an everyday bases I’m a very subtle and simple makeup kinda girl, but every once in a while I go through these phases where I just go haywire with the makeup I wear when I find extra time, because I love makeup. The most fun thing about makeup is you can easily change up the look using the same products you always use and it just washes off. If you wear a lot of makeup, try out a very subtle and minimal makeup look or contrariwise.




IMG_1205 - Copy



classic brown smokey winged eye with nude lips zunaira sulman

Experiment with your outfit

I honestly think I have split personality or something. I generally love trench coats, lace blouses and soft manicures, but then this other side of me is all about sneakers, hoods and snap-backs. It’s just confusing but fun ! Β Plus I wear a lot of white , grey, black and nudes, I rarely ever wear color, especially bright or deep colors. Depending on the season, if you don’t wanna experiment totally with your outfit, try the colors you don’t really wear. Whip out that one top that you never wear and rock it. And I realized I don’t take a lot of outfit pictures #mommything, but you get the gist of it, right ?






ways to change your look

ways to change your look

ways to change your look


ways to change your look

Raid you Hubby’s Closet

Well any male figure in your life, raid their closet. I do it all the time. Whenever I feel like fueling the other side of me, where I love sneakers and cool tees, I raid my hubby’s closet and I love wearing his shirts. Doesn’t cost a dime and I get myself a totally different shirt than what I normally wear.

ways to change your look

ways to change your look

ways to change your look

ways to change your look

Modernize your manicure

I have had square shaped nails for as long as I can remember. I love the claw nails, but they ain’t so practical for my lifestyle, but since I love them so much, I decided to put my own spin on it and went for a softer and shorter version. And I know this ain’t going anywhere anytime soon, absolutely loving it.







ways to change your look

ways to change your look

These’re the simplest ways you can change up your look without spending a dime and with very little effort.

I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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