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5 Life-changing tips to get rid of acne super fast

5 life-changing tips to get rid of acne super fast:

Disclaimer: I am not a dermatologist. These are things I have tried myself and I have seen the results super fast. I do not know how it will work for other people but most of these tips consist of natural ingredients which I doubt, would irritate anyone’s skin. These tips are super amazing. I have shared them with my friends before and it has worked for them too. You can not get rid of acne instantly, but you can help your skin to speed up the process, plus you can use anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-redness ingredients to reduce the appearance of your acne and almost shrink them. So they are less noticeable and specially if you have a special occasion coming up, by reducing the appearance of a pimple, you do that most work and then you can cover it up with makeup. For example your wedding day is approaching real fast, your emotions are all over the place, and many things stress you out. Anybody who has gone through this process would know. And then an unwanted giant mountain like pimple appears on your skin, right before your big day. Nothing worst than that. You can shrink it, calm it down, and reduce the appearance of it, and the rest makeup will do. These tips are literally life changing. Or if you are someone who travels a lot, plane’s compressed air, different place, water, environment, everything affects you skin causing pimples, and last thing you want on your vacation is acne. Well, I think no one ever wants acne. Anyway by using these tips you can get rid of acne super fast.

Aspirin paste:

Yes, Aspirin. There is nothing that shrinks your pimple as quick as aspirin does. Go to any local pharmacy and get over the counter aspirin tablets. Crush a tablet and mix in some water drops and make a paste out of it. Then apply that paste as a spot treatment and it will shrink your acne real fast. Do not use this method too often, save it for when you really need to get rid of your pimple. It has higher quantity of salicylic acid in it than spot acne treatments have. Which is known to shrink the pimples, and get rid of them. It reduces the redness, and shrinks the nastiest puss-pimples, you know the kind that really annoys the heck out of you (lol) best way I can explain it. By using it even once for over night or few hours, you will see a visible difference.

aspiring paste asprin for acne

Camomile tea and Green Tea:

You can definitely use this method after using aspirin trick. Or on it’s own if you do not have to get rid of acne super fast. This method is going to calm your skin and reduce the redness,which really makes your pimple noticeable. Camomile tea is known to be a super calming and relaxing tea. It does the same for you skin. Make a cup of tea. Let it cool down or refrigerate it. When it cools down, soak a face towel or a clean clothe in camomile tea. And place it over your whole face, not just the pimple. It will act as a mask. It will calm down your super puffed up pimple. It won’t exactly vanish it, it’s not magic but you will see a visible difference. It will sooth the skin and de-puff your pimple. Same method goes for green tea. It is purifying. It is nature’s most gentle and effective toner.

camo tea

green tea

Tooth-paste and baking soda:

Toothpaste kills bacteria in our mouth. And what exactly pimple is ? It is a clogged pore which has bacteria inside. You see how it works. If you do not have a spot treatment on your hand, and a pimple is really bugging you big time. Use a non-get form of a toothpaste and apply it on your pimple. It will shrink your pimple, and reduce the redness as well. However if you want to double the action add baking soda to the mix. Mix a little amount of baking soda with toothpaste and use it as a spot treatment. Baking soda also helps to clear up your blackheads.

baking soda non gel toothpaste

Yogurt and Honey Mask.

Yogurt and Honey mask. The best thing you can do for you skin. It is gentle. It is hydrating. It is anti inflammatory. It is antibacterial. It is the easiest mask you can make. It gets the dead skin off. It exfoliates the skin. It refreshes the skin. It tightens the pores. It clears up the impurities in your skin. It has so many amazing benefits. Just by mixing two tsp of yogurt and honey. You can get a super healthy, flawless and hydrated skin. Honey itself is an amazing spot treatment, but adding lactic acid to it, speeds up the process. It also gets rid of premature wrinkles and slow downs the process of aging on your skin. It is better than any purifying, stress-acne, hydrating and clarifying masks out in the market. It has no side-effects. It is great for even the most sensitive skin types. It does not irritate your skin, like other methods might do. 10-15 minutes of this mask will calm down you skin, kill the bacteria, remove the dead skin, and give a beautiful radiance to your skin.

yogurt honey

Tea-Tree Oil:

I have used tea-tree oil for pimples that pop up out of no where, for about 4 years. And I would recommend it to any one who gets occasional acne. It dries out the acne super fast without leaving a scab or scar like other spot treatments does. Sounds familiar isn’t it :P (lol). Be very careful with this oil. It is not your usual multipurpose herbal oil. Put it everywhere, NO!  Be careful with it, do not apply it near your eye area. It is deadly and dangerous. Keep it out of children’s reach. It usually has a child-lock on it. Do not use excessive amount of it. It has a strong strong scent. If you can not handle stronnnnggg stingy scents, do not go for it. Over using it will dry out your skin and also cause pre-mature wrinkles. Well sounds like a nightmare right now isn’t it (lol). But it is a great spot treatment if you use it carefully.

tea tre oil

Tell those pimples who’s the boss (lol). I hope you found this post somewhat informative and interesting. And try out all those techniques to find the one that works best for you.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.


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