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5 Clarisonic Mistakes to Avoid

5 Clarisonic Mistakes to Avoid

I’m sure it doesn’t come off as a surprise when I say I absolutely love my Clarisonic Mia 2. In today’s post I’m sharing few of very common clarisonic mistakes people make, that actually ruin their skin, and cause more harm than help.


Dry skin and not enough cleanser

Make sure you not only wet the brush head but also your face and use enough cleanser. It’s just gonna act like a sandpaper on a dry surface and harm your skin.



Applying pressure

When you use clarisonic, it’s basically a mechanical facial cleanser, you don’t need to apply pressure to cleanse your skin. There’s nothing wrong with a gentle pressure but don’t think that the more pressure you apply the better results you’ll get. Also don’t start with the strongest frequency, build your way up, if you’re new mechanical facial cleansers user.


Not being consistent

Consistency is the key to get the best results. You can’t expect to get good result if you use it one day and forget for the rest of the week or use for one week and skip the next one. That way you’re just putting your skin through useless trauma.


Freaking out for nothing

It’s very much normal to get few breakouts or irritated skin in the beginning. Obviously your skin is not used to deep cleansing like that. And clarisonic not only cleanse off the dead layer but also helps to surface the blackheads and acne beneath the surface. Don’t quit using it, unless it’s something really worrisome.


Not cleaning your clarisonic properly

Please oh please ! Clean your clarisonic properly, take off the brush head, and disinfect it, clean the inner radius of the clarisonic handle and make sure it doesn’t get grubby. You use that thing every single day on your face, at least I do, make sure you’re not just putting bacteria back on your face and causing acne. Clean and disinfect your clarisonic at least twice a month and change the brush head every 6 months.


Make sure to avoid these mistakes to get the best result, and also if you decide that clarisonic or any mechanical facial cleanser is not for you it’s because of a product fault, and not user fault.

I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman.

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